Tiffany Anne Jackson

Certified Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga Teacher


Yoga to me is the union of the Body, Mind and Breath.

I am generally a very excited and active person in life! In the retreats I host with Yogi Infuchsia I am doing what I love most. I am guiding you through meditation and I am challenging you through strong flow and Ashtanga.

While I love the strength of the practice I also love its counter part of yin. Training with TJ mehar in 2018, I now love nothing more than guiding students though the calming practise and see them totally relax!

Allowing each one of us, including myself to truly tap into our true nature of uncompromised Joy!

Thank you for reading

See you in the Shala!

it’s your birthright

– Sudhir Rishi