Sharing Circles

A safe and precious space for us all
Held by Athina

You do realise, these circles don't have to be circles.

Sharing circles are this precious idea of holding space for one another, an opportunity to share, to open up, to listen, to support, to be supported, to perhaps literally just enjoy a cup of tea. During this time, you don't even have to share much, if you don't feel like it... and it's definitely not about talking for the sake of talking. However, one thing is required from you, or maybe two. We want you, you want you to be present and real, as present and real as you possibly can at this moment... and obviously, no phones allowed.

Our sharing circles are about being with yourself and everyone else around and helping hold this safe space, it's where you can find more about yourself by listening to one another, by expressing fears, worries and dreams... where you can accept the present.

You can join the circle, even if you didn't take part in one of the yoga classes, however, I find it so powerful to speak after an hour or so of working towards accepting oneself!!! While yogaing, often the focus is on accepting where you are right at this moment... accepting your body, its abilities and limitations, accepting the chatter in your mind, accepting the struggle.., accepting the things in yourselves that you might not enjoy so much! and maybe finally loving you as a whole... I believe that during this time of participating or starring in a sharing circle, you are creating ease in allowing you to be who you really are in front of others... You are sharing some extra parts that would not be shown so often, perhaps super fragile or crazy strong!!! I find it so beautiful to have a chat after yoga!!!

At the end of these circles we will often take a short mindfulness meditation practice, which you are also encouraged to join, if you feel it is beneficial to you!

Feel free to join this infuchsia space and enjoy any of our offerings that suit you.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon in one of these not so circular circles :)



it’s your birthright

– Sudhir Rishi