Self Development

Self Growth and Expansion
as understanding, acceptance, clear seeing of the unlimited potential of your best self

Because you hold within everything you need in order to succeed.

Are you ready to thrive? Are you ready to discover your true nature and live a full life? Being grateful for what you have, noticing how you are, making your life and the life of others more fulfiling, more happy, more according to your values. In these sessions you will work hard in a way that serves you and you will learn to accept and love yourself for its' beauty and uniqueness. Because nobody ever suffered from too much pure and deep love. Every time you catch your inner voice questioning your worthiness, you will learn to first of all congratulate yourself. This is a wonderful first step towards a more conscious life. You practice noticing that your mind created at thought. You learn to pay attention to what you have as well as what you wish to achieve. The more you notice your present and realise that self doubting is an enemy, the closer you are to your accepting and loving self. The mind creates storie and they are often not serving you, however noticing their existence is a fantastic opportunity towards a more real, a more mindful and more peaceful life. You will also train your mind to identify thoughts as they are and remind yourself that it is often "just a thought". Just because you are thinking it, doesn't mean it's true. You will also practice making lists, many lists, starting by lists of people you can call or talk to when you need a little reassurance. As part of this exercice/tool you will also skillfully avoid people who will fuel your self-doubt. You will be encouraged to use statements that will remind you of your worht and help you feel reasssured and empowered. These statements can be whole sentences, phrases, even single words. And so if you wanted to prepare yourself before our first meeting, you could start by gathering statements that you feel are empowering to you.

It is important to begin. Starting out somewhere is often the hardest part, but any journey starts with a single step. We can take this first step together or you can find the force inside you that keeps you going and act already. This journey of self development is really based on three basic steps: 1. Be aware of your inner critic. 2. Identify your support system. 3. Create a list of affirmations and use them whenever you doubt yourself.. All these ideas are enhanced by being mindful and open and so even though it is not a step of this journey as such, you will learn mindfulness tips and tools that will stay for you to utilise in your progress during this course and beyond.

Please allow some time before and after sessions, whether we meet in real life or virtually. At the end of these sessions we will often take a short mindfulness meditation practice!

Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon in person :)



it’s your birthright

– Sudhir Rishi