Cedric Stein

Certified Anusara and Meditation Yoga Teacher

Yoga is something very special to me – it’s the connection of breathing, moving and consciousness. Yoga not just happens on the mat, for me personally, yoga is the path to my true self – to freedom.

I got certified as an Ashtanga and Vinyasa Teacher in India and as an Anusara Yoga Teacher in Germany. Furthermore I did a four weeks Karma Yogi service in assisting ongoing yoga teachers.

I find the full depth of Yoga in meditation. Since I started my Yoga practice, meditation is my foundation and inspiration. I practiced Kryia Yoga and did a 10 days Vipassana Meditation at Dhamma Setu, India. I call myself a researcher and discoverer of consciousness.

As a teacher I don’t want to convince you of something, I want to create a space, offering ideas, tools and movements for you, where you can discover yourself and to your inner being.

it’s your birthright

– Sudhir Rishi