Athina Tamaresi

Founder of Yogi Infuchsia
Certified Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga Teacher


I am a living enthusiast from Greece and I teach yoga, music and psychology mostly in the UK, where I am a resident since 2012. I completed my first yoga teacher training course with Sampoorna Yoga, in Agonda (Goa, India) and since I have been very keen to keep sharing everything I can in order to give people some extra tools to connect with their unique self using movement, sounds and breathing.

Yoga to me is a journey, a way to divide my sense of self from my monkey mind and therefore deeply, truly accept and connect with me as a whole. Yoga is an external practice of this internal journey, whether it’s expressed through exploring discomfort in asanas, listening carefully in meditation, making choices in life… For me the yoga journey can be experienced through anything.

I teach mainly vinyasa and like everyone I have my own style of making students challenge themselves more (one extra breath and two extra chaturangas)… and at the same time I'm really focusing on encouraging every single person to accept where they currently are, in their body, mind and generally in life. I am very keen to keep learning and sharing and what drives me is happiness in the little things, like a smile in tadasana, adjustments in savasana and warm tea at the end of classes.

As life is very much about balance... between yin and yang, between giving and accepting, between making things happen, but also allowing them to happen, I recently completed a 100hr yin teacher training in order to deepen my practice and to bring a bit of yin in my offerings. I have served Sampoorna Yoga as Karma yogi during 200hr teacher trainings and have been running yoga retreats in Greece :) Retreats are definitely one of my happy places, whether I am there attending, teaching, or just in the process of organising one.

Breathing techniques is something I have always been fascinated about, as I believe that good breathing and good living go together. Having a background in music and operatic singing has given me a wonderful base that helps keep me grounded, healthy and focused. I like to share this through workshops or at my regular classes with anyone interested.

Infuchsia is my baby that was born just about 2 years ago in order to put together yoga with any breath work, music and psychology knowledge I have (or others put my way), in order to create something special, to help people move their bodies, express their minds and maybe find themselves through acceptance by the one that matters the most, themselves.

Feel free to join my infuchsia space and enjoy my offerings.

Thank you for reading :)



it’s your birthright

– Sudhir Rishi