is your nature

– Sudhir Rishi

My philosophy

Taking your time

Yoga will do its job best once you stop thinking about it, you stop forcing yourself into it and you find that your month/ week/ day doesn't feel complete without it. In all 8 limbs of yoga, but more importantly in asana practice (postures and flows) we aim to find a balance between making it happen and allowing it to happen.

Here comes Mindfulness and the present. Don't look for it, be it. Be present, practice mindfully and accept change. Don't force things, just let them happen. Breathe in and take a moment to feel the cold air touching your nostrils, pause there, breath out and notice how its quality has changed. How do you expect everything else in life not to change? Nothing is permanent so make sure you enjoy what's worth your enjoyment. Now is the time.

And now about you

Moving Meditation

Get the most out of your yoga practice. Whether you enjoy the benefits of regular home practice or you join classes once in a while, there is a way to get the most out of each session you give yourself. It is beautiful when you find what feels good for your unique body. Yoga practice is not about getting bendy, it is about reuniting with yourself, using your body and mind, noticing their patterns, exploring their limitations and without judgment playing around with them.

Breathing is the foundation of your life. Naturally breathing becomes the foundation of your yoga practice too. With each inhale you have the opportunity to create space and with every exhale you can allow your experience to deepen. Kapalabhati, Alternate Nostril Breathing and other exercises will become more accessible as time goes by and as you get familiar with paying attention to yourself.

The practice of the drishti is a technique of using the gaze in order to concentrate better and learn to see things as they really are, without judgment or the need to change them. Where your eyes are your attention typically follows. Make a decision of where you want to look and actively choose what you focus on. Not only it will improve your balancing postures but your concentration skills will be noticeably increased. Enjoy a centred practice and enjoy yourself.

After a whole practice of focusing on yourself, actively choosing your gaze point, changing postures, activating the bandhas (or possibly just trying to work out where they are and how to do so), "relaxing" in downward facing dog (yeah, we say that in yoga!!) and other intense processes, there comes SAVASANA!!! often known as corpse pose. It is most people's favourite and the reason why non-yogis assume that yoga is super easy and boring. It's your time to relax and just be, because you are enough like that, even when you are not doing anything.